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Google is most commonly known as a search engine, and it is an American company. The company has a chain of products that include hardware, software, cloud computing, and partnerships apart from the search engine. It is the most visited website and the most valuable brand in the world. The company also released many hardware products, including smartphones, speakers, and wireless router. More than 70 percent of the search requests are handled by Google. Google’s product and its size make it one of the top companies in the high-tech marketplace.

Its development started in 1996 as a research project by Sergey Brin and Larry Page at Stanford University to find files on the Internet. It was originally known as BackRub, then Larry and Sergey decided to change the name, which is inspired by the term googol. Its headquarters in Mountain View, California. The domain registered on September 15, 1997, and then incorporated on September 4, 1998. In mid-1998, they received their first investor, which was Andy Bechtolsheim, who is the co-founder of Microsystem, Inc. They ultimately raised $1 million and set up a shop in Menlo Park, California, and the name of the shop is Google. By mid-1999, Google received $25 million capital funding; then, they processed 500,000 queries per day. That growth continued, and Google handled three billion searches per day at the end of 2011. Google also incorporates many services to provide more accurate and relevant results.

Google Search Statistic:
In a day, Google handles 7 billion searches in a day, and 1.7 billion people use Google on a daily basis. An internet user conducts 3 or 4 searches in a day. Google is the top choice of worldwide mobile users. Google market share originating from desktops and laptops is less than mobile users. According to Live Internet Stats, Google handles 2.54 trillion searches per year. Google Search trends are an indication of user behavior on the Internet, which highlights the importance of the SEO strategy.

Why Google is the best search engine:
Google is a well-known web index that provisions the best list of items rapidly. What assists Google with standing apart from its opposition and encourages it to proceed to develop and be the main web crawler is its PageRank method that sorts query items. While being extraordinary compared to other web indexes on the Internet, Google additionally consolidates a large number of its different services, for example, Google Maps and Google Local, to give increasingly pertinent query items. Google is well known to such an extent that any information you can discover it with a solitary snap of a mouse. It built up the world so little that nobody had thought of it. Its decision among the world is uplifted to such an extent that numerous specialists see that in the next ten years, Google will not be stressed over its summit position.
On the off chance that the item goes well known, the devotee consistently follows the system by which it picked up ubiquity. Google uses acknowledged record designs like PDF and Microsoft Office, .doc document, exceed expectations record. Google offers an assortment of record organizations in which web guests can store their data. Henceforth, the information won’t be clouded during the transfer. We can say that it is a catalog of destinations, and you need to investigate it, you will discover it without any problem. It nearly shares in excess of 25 million locales. Subsequently, you have a huge possibility of finding more data on different subjects. The rest of the internet searcher doesn’t give a sharp outcome in investigating information over the net.

Google services for daily life:
Google has numerous services to help individuals and organizations. Some you may utilize each day. The more normally realized administrations incorporate Gmail, Chrome, and YouTube. Be that as it may, here are a few others:
Google trends:
Google Trends shows the most mainstream points looked on Google. Snap-on a subject to peruse related reports. Google Trends has a channel for dates and nations to show increasingly point by point results. View trends as per classifications, for example, business, sports, diversion, wellbeing, and science/innovation. Trends will likewise show related points. Contrast two points with see which is the most famous. Clients can likewise perceive how a point has been slanting after some time.

Google Photos:
Presented a year ago, Google Photos gives clients boundless extra room for computerized photos. The administration helps keep photos sorted out, and clients can look by individual, spot, and date. Google Photos additionally will make collections of related photos.
Google Maps:
Google Maps shows focal points, bearings, traffic, open transportation data, courses, and pictures of spots. The administration shows live traffic. Clients can download maps for review when they are away from the Internet. Google Street View can give you what a spot resembles at ground level. Is that companion’s home you are attempting to discover huge or little, block, or wood? What shading, right? Road View can show you.

Google Translate:
Get familiar with the interpretation of words in more than 100 unique dialects with Google Translate. Translate words and expressions from different dialects into your local language by reordering content into the Google Translate site.
Google Dictionary:
Google Dictionary is a convenient expansion for Chrome that gives the meaning of words. Double-tap a word to see the definition. You can spare words you admire and study them later.


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