Keywords for website- keyword selection


The first step in SEO is the selection of right keyword. You must be wondering, what is a keyword. It is the term used by the users on search engine (Google, Bing, etc) to find some information they need. Online search provides millions of results but hardly anyone goes beyond the 2nd page of the Google. That is why we need SEO technique to bring a website on the first page of the search engine. But SEO is only possible to work when the keyword is right. Otherwise, all building falls down if the base is not strong, which is the keyword.
So, how can we know which keyword is right for us?
This is an important question which should be answered before proceeding to other techniques of the SEO. There are many tools which suggest keyword ideas and other measurements related to it. The following tools can help you in finding new keywords and some important measurements regarding it:
Google keywords planner
Keyword shitter
Keywords everywhere
Criteria to select keyword:
SEO is a manual way of bringing your site on top of the search results to get more traffic. What is the purpose of a website if there is no one to see it? So, for this purpose, your site should be discoverable. It should be rich in content and the content is composed of right keywords. It is very difficult to rank for the short keywords as many brands are competing with one another and bidding on those keywords. If someone is paying for the keywords, it becomes really difficult to rank that keyword by manual SEO. It will need a ton of link building and deep content.
What is the best way of ranking by a keyword?
The best way is to work on long tail keywords. These are the keywords comprising of more than one word. For example, if it is difficult to rank for the word “marketing”, you can select the related words like “marketing ideas”, “digital marketing types”, etc. Ranking on a long tail keyword is relatively easy.


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