5 best motivational books of all time


It is a famous saying that goes like, “readers are the leaders”. Its validity is proved by looking at the habit of successful people. Aside from rising early in the morning, one significant habit of the world’s most successful people in the reading routine. A mind once expanded after knowing a new fact grows in a new dimension and doesn’t return to its original state. This fact is supported by the concept of neuroplasticity, which says that the brain keeps on changing according to the nature and amount of training it receives.
Many prolific writers came in the world and left but few authors created the masterpieces which took the world with storm. These books are the best-selling books of all time. The universal wisdom underlying in these books is phenomenal. If you want to read a new book for enjoying your leisure time, we recommend following books for you:
7 habits of highly effective people
An essence of 200 years of success literature, this book was written by the prolific author and motivational guru, Stephen R.Covey, who left the world in 2012. His study of 2 centuries combined knowledge of motivation and success literature enabled him to synthesize the information into a fully functional framework which can be adopted by any aspiring person who wants to improve himself and his life.
This book states 7 laws to be followed in order to bring dramatic changes in your life. For studying summary of this book, click here.
How to win friends and influence people
This best-selling book was written by the famous person of his time, Dale Carnegie. Dale Carnegie was the scholar of his time, who mentioned techniques and methods to win the people around. His knowledge surrounds the best personality traits to be adopted in order to become a likable person among the crowd. His book shows the tactics to enhance charisma of your personality. This book was written 7 decades ago, and it is still read by aspiring readers to improve their people’s skills.
Think and grow rich
The prolific writer of his time, Napolean Hill, met most successful people of his time and interviewed them. He was curious about knowing the rules which allow the people to achieve maximum success in their lives. His interviews with the successful people gave insights into the habits and mindset of successful persons. This book is all about those immutable laws and rules which can propel anyone on the road to success. Click on the link below to read further about the rules to bring transformation to your life too.
Awaken the giant within
The popular public and motivational speaker of USA, Anthony Robbins has written the most comprehensive book on personal development named as “Awaken the giant within”. This book talks about the strategies and methods which can be used to instantly elevate the mood. He emphasized on the NLP techniques which were a hot topic back in the 1980s. His book is a personal journey and thorough manual of personality development which gives immense knowledge to be practically used in daily life. If it piques your interest, you read a summary of the book by clicking the following link:
As a man thinketh
This timeless book about the mindset of a person was written by James Allen. It is a short book summarizing the principles behind the success and failure of people. The main point of this book is that a man is not what he thinks he is, rather, he becomes the person he thinks about the most. So, to bring a change in your life, you need to change your thoughts towards life. It will bring immense transformation in your life, but the condition is the diligent practice of the thinking process which leads to more positive changes. Click below to read the summary of the book.


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