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Squash is the simple yet exciting game played on the court by two or four players with a small ball and a racket. The match between the two players is called singles, and among the four players is known as doubles. The mode of playing is that players need to alternatively hit the ball onto the area of the walls allowed for playing. The name of the game originated from the squash racket’s name.
The IOC (International Olympic Committee) recognizes the leading organization of squash, the WSF (World Squash Federation), but squash has not yet been included in the Olympics contest.
History: Squash was created in the Harrow school in the 1830s, which later spread to other schools and eventually became an international game. This game grew in popularity in the 19th century when many schools and clubs started promoting this game by building squash courts. The first Squash court was made at a school in New Hampshire in 1884.
Types: There are two types of squash in practice at the moment, the squash played by a softball that is known as British Squash, and the one played with a hard ball that is known as American Squash. The softball Squash comparatively lasts longer and needs a wider court than the hardball Squash.
Importance: Squash is great past time for the people who want to be physically active while building their stamina involving in a physically demanding activity over a longer period of time. It has been an integral part of the Asian Games and Commonwealth games for the last 20 years. It has been played nearly in every country of the world as there are thousands of Squash courts in the world collectively.
Equipment: Squash does not require a huge collection of equipment like some other games. You only need a suitable racket, comfortable sportswear, and a ball to jump in the court.
A racket is one of the main equipment in squash sport. All squash experts recommend that you take your time while choosing a squash racket. The type and quality of squash really affect the performance of a player during the game. In a market, there are different types and styles of rackets available, and according to the international squash rules, a squash racket can have the maximum length, hitting area, and width of 686mm, 500 cm2, and 215 mm, respectively.
The weight of the racket must have under 255grams, and strings cannot exceed more than 390mm. But according to these, many companies have made different modern and stylish squash rackets. A good type and quality racket can increase your performance and accuracy in the game. The key features while choosing a quality racket are the material and design, weight, and stiffness of the model.
Design of a squash racket:
An expert checks in the design of a racket, the head, and throat, beam, and grip total four things. Every model of the squash racket has a different size and shape of racket’s head. According to the experts, large head rackets give extra power at the time of hitting the ball. There are total types of throat’s (open and close) rackets available in the market. The open throat type racket has a large string, while a closed throat type racket has a small string. Racket beams tend between 16-21mm, and experts recommend choosing the wide beam rackets for new players.
A material of squash racket:
Which type of material racket for you is depends on your style of play? For example, the power hitters prefer to buy rackets made of boron, carbon, and graphite because these materials rackets help him to hit with more power. Some player prefers other materials racket such as Kevlar that help him to play with more flexibility.
Weight of a racket:
The weight of the racket varies from model to model. However, it comes in the range of 120 grams to 210 grams. Experts recommend choosing a racket having a mass of 140 to 170 grams.
A good quality sports shoes are necessary for a squash game for making his game comfortable. Personalized squash clothing can be bought to play the game conveniently.
Squash balls:
There are different types of squash balls available in the market, but you need to choose a ball, which is suitable for you. Some major types of ball listed below:
Yellow Dot (Upper slow): This ball is sensitive to the temperature and.
A white or Green dot (Slow): This ball is used in winter mostly. Beginners should avoid playing with this ball.
Red Dot (Medium): It does not bounce much and is recommended for the beginners.
Blue Dot (Fast): This ball is helpful for junior players and helps in improving the coordination between the hands and eyes of the player.
Double Yellow Dot (Pro): It is officially used by the Squad federation and other global Squash organizations. Only this ball is used in the international Squash game. It is used by professional players.
Single Yellow Dot (Competition): This ball is suitable for average players and is similar to the pro ball.
We hope the equipment details would help you choose the items suited to your requirements. You may buy the right equipment and start playing it a past-time hobby. Squash is a dynamic, continuously engaging, and simple game with easy rules. But, it requires physical stamina and patience to master it. It is the best hobby for people who want to be physically fit and doesn’t like intensely rigorous exercises like aerobics and calisthenics.


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