How to find the best Golf rangefinder?


New to Golf, so wondering about what is a Golf rangefinder? A golf rangefinder is a device used in determining the distance between fixed spots on a golf course. The avid golf players are pretty familiar with the machine, but they also struggle to find the best golf rangefinder to become more accurate in their golf swings and goals.
The new advancement in technology has brought with it wearable golf rangefinders, which are portable and easy to use. Golf rangefinders can be found as a separate device or installed as a software in a smartphone having a GPS facility. The pursuit of finding the best golf rangefinder can be successful if a few aspects are kept in mind.
There are two types of golf rangefinders:
1) GPS golf rangefinder
2) Laser golf rangefinder
Both have their benefits and drawbacks, so considering each category’s pros and cons can make the decision easier for you.
Following are the aspects which you need to take into account while selecting a gold rangefinder:
Measurability: Choosing a rangefinder measuring more distance in yards will always be a preferable decision for a pro golf player. Many golf rangefinders can measure up to more than 300 yards, but the latest rangefinder can measure up to max 1000 yards.
Features: It is better to buy a rangefinder with advanced features like JOLT Technology, ESP (Extreme Speed Precision), and Display. The 2nd Generation E.S.P, Slope-Switch, and Dual Display Technology are the recent additions in the features category of hybrid rangefinders (GPS and Laser).
Size: Keeping in view the size and weight of the rangefinder would be beneficial as it can save your energies spent on carrying a heavy rangefinder. The golf game is time taking so buying a lightweight, and a wearable rangefinder would be the best choice.
Cost: If you can don’t wanna burden your pocket much, then you should go for a rangefinder offering useful features at the economical price. If you can afford the expense, then going for the high-quality rangefinder like Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt would be the better decision.
We hope you enjoyed the article and found it helpful in choosing the best golf rangefinder for yourself. Best of luck with your next ranger!


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