Best Fitness training specificity for squash players


It is no wonder that any sports player needs to put his physical fitness as the top priority. He should be mentally and physically healthy to face pressure during the game. The same is the case with the Squash players who need to develop their stamina and work on their tolerance level. Spending a great deal of time in the court continuously hitting the ball is something that tests your nerves.
Every player needs to go through vigorous training before entering in any sports officially. The players should commit to a disciplined and strict training routine to unleash their true potential and develop their healthy nerves. The Squash players should select the kind of training program that best fits their needs and performance. This decision can be made easily by taking expert advice and listening to your intuition.
Specificity is the primary training principle of any game. It deals with the relevance of the training with the demands of the sports. If the activity is designed, keeping in view the game requirements, it maximizes the outcome of the movement.
The elements which needed to be improved during training are:
Agility: If your legs are healthy, you’ll be fast in moving and turning.
Strength: The muscular power to bear pressure and exertion.
Stamina: To endure the force and pressure for a longer period of time.
Flexibility: The ability to turn, twist, moving quickly and being active.
Power: The energy and force generated by the muscle.
Squash shoes
The psychological edge in Squash leads to winning more and more games. Squash is an intense sport; it requires sharp and fast movements on the court while playing. So the use of the right shoes while training and during a match is essential for every player.
Most of the training in Squash requires acute and pointed movements so to overcome any risk. The shoe must have a firm grip and ideal weight so that the player can move briskly. Shoes should provide comfort and durability for the rookie. These qualities of shoes help the athlete to do hard training under any circumstances and win pressure games.
The choice of correct shoes enhances the performance, and most probably, it also reduces the risk of getting injured and gives the athlete the required mental comfort for the intense pieces of training and winning squash matches.
Now that you have understood the training needs, elements, and the importance of shoes in the Squash practice, we would like to mention three best workouts for you to do regularly:
Single leg back bridge
It helps build a healthy body core. Lie down on the mat with your back touching the floor, and your legs bent while feet firmly on the ground—arms beside the body with palms touching the floor. Raise your body a little and keep in this position for a while. Lift your one leg in line with the thigh of the other leg and your back, keep in this position for a minute and then resume in the previous post. Now, raise your other leg and keep it for the same amount of time. Do at least three sets for both legs.
Squat weight session
Having free weights session is essential in building strength and endurance. Squat with weight is the best exercise for this purpose. Begin with some aerobic movements for up to 10 minutes. It would help if you warmed up properly before working with weight. Sit on your feet while holding the matter with your chest outside and head straight. Work for at least three sets of 10 repetitions.
Explosive Box step-ups
It strengthens up the body core and the back. You need to place one foot in a training box. Apply force on that foot while lifting your other leg. The arm movement will be the same as it is when you are running. The action should be performed quickly. Do at least three sets of 8 repetitions.
It would help if you practiced these exercises to reap the rewards of being physically fit. Work them out and become a fit player in the field of Squash.


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