7 things you should know before you start online work- How to start freelancing


It is easy to start then maintain
When we suggest freelancing to the people, they think it may be difficult to take a start. Having an ambiguous idea of the online world, they cast doubt on the whole process. But starting out online work is easier than going for a job interview. Take the help of the freelancing blogs and local guides to minimize any risk in the freelancing journey.
No need for a big portfolio
You don’t need a big portfolio in order to start freelancing. Though an earlier experience in the organizations can add up to the spice, it is not a necessity for starting as a freelancer. If you have skills, clients will be ready to pay you for them. If you feel unprepared, the best way to improve to skill yourself up. But how can you do that? Taking local course classes maybe not feasible for you due to various reasons but you can always take online courses. With the emergence of many online courses websites, mastering any skill is no longer an inaccessible dream. Gain certificates after completing courses from online learning platforms like Udemy, edX, and Udacity. Show your certificates to the potential clients and win their trust.
Infrequent on-time payments
Most of the clients delay in paying the whole amount. It is advisable to start working after making sure that a milestone amount has been deposited by the client. This is especially true for online earning platforms like Freelancer.com, Upwork.com, and Udemy.com. Ask the client to deposit milestone payment before you start his work. If you are a content writer then always send the written work with a watermark. After the client approves the work and releases the milestone payment, send the original work then. It is a safe practice for content writers.
Be ready to deal with problematic clients
As dealing the nagging boss is a difficult thing, freelancing also has its own problems. You’ll need to deal with problematic clients as well. The best way is to judge beforehand if the next client is cooperative enough. You can guess this after talking with the client and discussing the project details and requirements. This discussion will give you a good idea about the kind of employer. After gaining experience of a few months, you’ll be better able to deal with such clients.
It is a rewarding career
Though freelancing has its own pros and cons for many freelancers, benefits outweigh the harms of the profession. You can virtually connect with any big client in the world and build powerful connections. Such a networking opportunity is not present in the physician offices. Having clients from all over the world can create a lucrative career for you. If you understand the cultural differences, you can better understand the international clients.
Freedom of work
The greatest benefit of freelancing is the freedom of work and time. It’s up to you which hours to select for working. You can choose your own working space as per your requirements. There is no compulsion to sit at a fixed place and follow a strict time schedule. This is the most appealing feature of being a freelancer. But, as every profession has its own pros and cons, same is the case with freelancing. It depends if your nature is suited for freelancing or an office job. If you don’t like to follow strict schedules of 9 to 6 drill, freelancing may be the desirable earning option for you.
No expensive office needed
Majority of people think that having an expensive office space is a must for starting a business. But, it is not true in today’s world. If you are providing quality services, it doesn’t matter if you are working from home. But, many clients prefer working with companies having physical space. You can join a co-working space or make an office room in your house. If you are an expert in your work, most of the clients won’t have any issue with your home business.


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